What we been up to! | Updates!

We have been super busy on the farm. 

What have we been doing! 

Wanna see what we are up to! Come check our TIK TOK and join the FLOCK tribe! We would love to have you in our Flock! Please click the link below and follow our daily fun on the farm.... We do how to's and DIY and teach hacks and tricks! 

Re-homed 7 pea fowls to our farm! 

We had to re-home 7 pea fowls! OH MY WORD! So, we had to catch them first and then put a pillowcase over their bodies then use sport tape on their legs! Let me tell you!!!!!!!! When I say they are strong it's like fighting a tiger!!! 

They are NOW on the farm loving life. We have to give them a BIGGER run and coop! They are spoiled and I just adore them.... Follow them on our TIK TOK and Instagram and Facebook and youtube all the platforms same name here.... 

Their feathers are so pretty! We will have feathers on the website in our store soon for sale!
We will be selling hatching eggs and baby pea fowl in the spring! We will have a waiting list for anyone to sign up if wanting eggs or baby pea fowl. 

These pea fowls have the black shoulder gene also... 

They are just so pretty! India Blue peacocks... 
We can Not be more trilled to have these pretty birds on our farm.... 

 We are working on tractors!!

We been cleaning up tractors and repairing some to... We had a bad storm come through and knocked alot of limbs down... But the tractors come in handy picking them up... We have to be ready for winter and have fire wood ready???? 

Are you ready for winter????

Thanks for reading my blog!!!!! and spending time with us!!!!

Terri and The Flock! 


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