What are we doing NOW! Where have we been!

🧿 Hello Lovely people!!! 

Our lives have been turned around... My dad passed away and it hit me hard. Very hard!!!! Sometimes I just stare out the window or stand in the middle of the farm and cry!!!!

I can say I never really understand my friends when they were still crying over their mom and dad years later after they passed away... Until NOW!

It is something that you will NEVER get over, JUST push through it.. 

It's easy for someone quick to say, "oh you will see them again" or "just give it time".
Until you leave it you can NEVER understand what the person is going through,

I guess that saying "until you walked a mile in their shoe" is VERY true... 
Meanwhile, I just keep busy and keep going and have moments.

Dad you are very missed....

We are now on tik tok with all kinds of tips, hack and sharing what we know with yall.

We got our name trademarked we are trying to bring our chicken treats to sell has a brand in Amazon!
God is good and when you put HIM first and listen things change.... 

We will be posting at least 4 videos a day on tik tok God willing... We are trying to share what we know and our farm in hopes it inspires someone.

We now have chickens, peacocks and turkeys... They bring us some much joy...
WE would love to know what you would to see from our farm please comment below... 

Hope this finds you well... Til the next blog

Bye bye and much love

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  1. Good day! I am truly sorry to hear about the passing of your father. It is hard. We lost my father-in-law almost 8 years ago. I would like to say it gets easier but it doesn't. Hold onto the amazing memories that you had. He will be proud of you and what you are doing. PS. I found you on Tik Tok. This is the life we have been trying to live, too. Check us out at tinyhineyfarmny.com Have a blessed day.

  2. Oh message me on tik tok so I can follow you... Oh thank you for the kinds words I will go check yall out for sure.... love the name hahaha...Thanks for stopping by... Means alot... I am writing a blog then off to bed.. and more videos in the morning hahaha.. We got an awesome giveaway coming soon


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