Fermented Garlic HONEY recipe

Fermented Garlic HONEY!

What? You never heard of it?

You can drizzle this honey over pepperoni pizza.

Use in a glaze for grilled pork or fish, and/or add a few spoonfuls to savory cornbread. It's awesome and the BEST THING! Great for gut health... 


Fermented garlic honey can be used to combat cold and flu in the winter.

I eat one garlic clove a day. It is so easy to make... So let's get started. 


A jar of your size choice 

Garlic peeled about 30-40 cloves

Raw local Honey


Recipe Preparation

  • Place garlic in jar. Pour honey over garlic and stir to combine, making sure all the garlic gets coated. Seal jar and let sit at room temperature 3 days. Unscrew and remove lid to let out any gases; give garlic honey a stir. (You’ll most likely see tiny bubbles at this stage, which means the fermentation process has started.) Reseal jar and let sit, stirring once every other day, at least 1 month before using. But you can really eat it at any time.

    Whatever size jar you use, you’ll want to fill it about ¾ full of peeled garlic.

  •  It is important to make sure the lid of mason jar is plastic and not metal. Leave it loose the first few weeks. 

    The older your garlic ages the darker the honey gets, this is normal. Actually better.

    When you run out of garlic you can add more garlic to the honey and add fresh honey to top it off for a full jar. However it will be stronger flavor.

    I make a few jars at a time. And in 3 months make another few jars to always have a supply. Plus it will last a long time in a cool dark place on a shelf. I have some over a year and it taste amazing. 


    Why should you make fermented garlic honey?

    1. Fermented garlic Honey is one of the easiest fermentation recipes out there, great for beginners.

    2. If you grow and harvest a lot of garlic at once and you want a way to naturally preserve your garlic for long term storage without refrigeration. This is the way to go.

    3. Because you want to eat more raw garlic for the health benefits. Alot easier to swallow lets say then eating RAW garlic. Plus you get the great benefits of the honey to. A WIN WIN..(anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune boosting properties together)

    4. It's a perfect preventative remedy for the cold and flu season. 

    Did I twist your arm enough to make it... And that reminds me, I need to go make more fall is around the corner and so is FLU season.

    Using Fermented Honey Garlic

    Pop a whole clove, or take a spoonful of honey (or both!).


    It’s also a good idea to gently turn your jar over every few days, or whenever you think about it, to make sure that all of the garlic get coated with honey. Screw the lid on tightly before you do this! Then return it to it’s upright position and re-loosen the lid.

    Both honey and garlic have strong medicinal properties, so you'll want to have this home remedy on hand for cold and flu season. 

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  1. Ooooooh! Great recipe and ideas!! I have honey and I have garlic, so, guess I'd better get started on it!! Awesome!

    1. Yes! How awesome! I eat one daily... Helps keep you healthy! Thanks for stopping by.


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