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  We have a NEW Flavor for the  Holidays! You can find this NEW flavor in our SPOIL CHIC BOX!!! It as 4 different kinds of bugs the chickens go crazy over... We raise and grow our own bugs...  spoiled-chic-box  You can buy it a onetime box or a subscription....  Every month we mix up the flavors, so your flock has a new taste, and we give your samples..  Now you can make your own..... Here is where you can find the video. DIY Holiday GRUB for chickens  Let me know if you make it and how did it go...  Are you ready for Christmas?????? I am not.. BIG sigh!!!!!!!!!!! Just does not seem like Christmas maybe it's the way the year went... I don't know... We had to move, and my husband went out of the country alot... Lots to do on the farm. Lost my voice with all the hot and cold weather. Cluckers Trail Mix is our best seller on our website and Etsy... Have tried it yet for your flock... We also sell it on Amazon... Clucker trail mix  Your chickens hear the bag and come a running.  Ri

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