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We did it!!!!!!! We are NOW in Amazon!

We are BACK! Hello Gorgeous! Much needed step back  but, for a very good reason!  Can you guess why? We are NOW a BRAND OF AMAZON! Isn't that AWESOME! We are over the moon excited we just had to share. This is OUR AMAZON STORE  We are selling our chicken treats OUR brand and OUR line that we crafted together for our flock and decided to share it with you! You can find the Clucker Trail Mix here:  Trail Mix in Amazon  and  Trail Mix in our website  we also sale on Etsy to and Ebay. Soon we will be in a few feed stores and pet stores...  We also have a youtube, tik tok and facebook page! We hope to see you there if you came by from here please comment from my blog. It would mean alot. Every comment or like supports us and helps us grow.  We do alot of stories on Instagram also... We do giveaways over there.  We have a NEW subscription box called "The Spoiled Chic Box"! I try to make it fun with each month coming with a theme. You get lots of goodies for the flock and somet

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