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The year is almost over! Hello Fall! Big Sale | coupon codes in this BLOG!

  It's almost the end of another year! We just love fall but, in Florida we have more hotter days than fall days.  Our peacocks got their clocked mixed up on the first cold snapped that drop down to 29 for 3 days and then got back up to 90 degrees! They boys started getting their trains and thinking it was spring. The girls laid 3 eggs and I was puzzled more than them being 5 months early. I called my peacock farm friends and they were just as shook like me! Needless to say, I put the eggs in the incubator, and I am waiting for 3 babies pea chic's to hatched I am so happy and excited... But yes, I know don't count your chickens before they hatch...  Now about our turkeys......................... We have alot of turkeys and Most if NOT ALL are safe this Thanksgiving! We sell turkey eggs and baby turkeys and sometimes TOMS! You can check out our website if you would like to order turkey eggs. Our turkeys are super sweet and very nice!!!! You can buy eggs here Organic Raw Root

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